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Incentive Grants - Grades K-6

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The purpose of the Incentive Grant is to help schools motivate students to improve academically and/or behaviorally. The Grants are competitive. The top 50 Grant proposals will be awarded.

Please click here to apply for an Incentive Grant online  If that form screen is blank please refresh your browsers window.

Download Incentive Grant Brochure

Previous Grant Usage Reports

2015 - 16 Report  
2014 - 15 Report
2013 - 14 Report



Career Education Grants - Grades K-12

$500 Grants are available.

Career Education Grants provide Stanislaus County elementary, middle, and high school educators with funding to promote student participation in career-related activities in their schools or classrooms. The elementary school focus is Career Awareness. The middle and high school focus is Exploration of Career Alternatives. (See "Grant Focus" for definitions.)

Grant proposals may be submitted by:

  • Individual Teachers
  • A Teacher Team
  • A School

Questions regarding the grant application process may be directed to:

Stanislaus Partners in Education Phone: 209.238.1766 /Fax: 209.238.4254


Career Education Grant Focus

Elementary Level

Self and Career Awareness
Students have experiences that assist them in gaining an awareness of self and an understanding of the world of work. The proposed activities will facilitate connections between the concepts students learn in school and the world outside the classroom, e.g., the roles they will assume as family members, citizens, and workers.

Middle & High School Levels

Exploration of Career Alternatives
Students gain information about their aptitudes and interests. Based on this information, students begin to explore opportunities and options in broad career areas. They learn how education and workplace requirements relate to career choices. SPIE is particularly interested in activities that promote character education, responsible behavior, and a strong work ethic.

Sample Activities

The following are examples only. Other relevant activities are
acceptable. Be creative!

  • Good Work Habits/Attitudes
  • Economic Programs/Projects
  • Business/Industry Presentations
  • Character Education/Workplace Ethics
  • Problem Solving Activities/Field Trips
  • Career Activity Days
  • Leadership Skills
  • Curriculum Materials
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Community Service Projects
  • Job Shadowing

Selection Criteria

Each application is scored based on the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of business linkages............15 pts
    (partnerships, advisory, contribution, etc.)
  2. Evidence of detailed budget and in-kind
  3. contribution......................................15 pts
    (resources, funding, supplies, etc.)
  4. Scope of student participation.............15 pts
    (school wide, classroom, grade specific, other)
  5. Measurable objectives .......................15 pts
  6. Proposal effectiveness meeting the
    concepts defined in "Grant Focus".......15 pts
  7. Evidence of curriculum integration........15 pts
  8. Approximate date(s) proposal will be
    implemented.....................................10 pts



A. Grant proposals may be submitted by:

  • Individual Teacher
  • A Teacher Team
  • A School
  • Ceres
  • Chatom
  • Connecting Waters
  • Denair
  • Empire
  • Gratton
  • Great Valley Academy
  • Hart-Ransom
  • Hickman Community Charter
  • Hughson
  • Keyes
  • Knights Ferry
  • Modesto City
  • Newman-Crows Landing
  • Oakdale
  • Paradise
  • Patterson
  • Riverbank
  • Roberts Ferry
  • Salida
  • Shiloh
  • Stanislaus Union
  • Sylvan
  • Turlock
  • Waterford
  • Valley Home
  • Stanislaus County Office Ed.

B. Applicants may submit only one proposal.
C. The deadline for submission of proposals is September 22, 2017.
D. Grants will be awarded by November 17, 2017.
E. Grantees are required to electronically send a one-page summary report of their funded grant by May 01, 2018, and provide 4-5 digital photos

Career Education Grant - Online Application

If you are interested in applying for an education grant please
click here for the online application. If that form screen is blank
please refresh your browsers window.

Download Career Education Grant Brochure in PDF Format

Previous Grant Usage Reports

2015 - 16 Report
2014 - 15 Report
2013 - 14 Report





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