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Who We Are

Stanislaus Partners in Education (SPIE) is a 501(c) (3) organization. SPIE was established in 1991 by educators and employers to help schools better prepare students for the world of work following high school and/or college graduation. SPIE is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of educational leaders, employers, and elected officials.

Hours of operation Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 1:30pm

Phone: 209.238.1766
Fax: 209.238.4254
Email: spie@thevision.net

2017 - 2018 Major Accomplishments:

Partnerships: 350+ partnerships in Stanislaus County; 14 new school/business partnerships.
Career Ed Grants: 51 -- $500 grants awarded; serving 15,853 students.
Career Presenters: Comprehensive list of business/industry classroom presenters now on SPIE Website; a wide variety of career presenters are available to come to the classrooms.  
Incentive Grants: 48-- $200 grants awarded; serving 2,588 K-6th graders.
Teacher Interns: 19 teachers, grades 7-14, trained in business and industry.
Careers In Manufacturing: Partnership with Workforce Development, Manufacturer’s Council and school districts. Over 83 youth were offered jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Why Business and Education Partnerships?

Stanislaus County employers face a serious shortage of workers who have the skills necessary to function effectively in today’s workplace. Concerned about this problem, business, education, and community are working through Stanislaus Partners in Education (SPIE) to help better prepare students for the workplace and for post-secondary education.

What are the Benefits of a Partnership?

•Introduces students to the requirements of the workplace Prepares students to compete successfully in the workplace 
• Improves the skills of our future workforce 
• Enhances student achievement 
• Promotes positive reform in the public schools
• Increases the involvement and visibility of business in the community 
• Creates a better understanding of business and free enterprise in the educational community 
• Enhances opportunities for employers and employees to join together in community service 
• Creates a skilled workforce
• Encourages business input in school/college curriculam

Examples of Partnership!

The concept of partnerships is people helping people – adults helping students. Partnerships with education range from small to large businesses. Any one or any combination of the activities listed below are examples of partnerships: 
•Tutor students in subject areas 
• Provide employees as guest speakers 
• Offer students a day of “job shadowing” 
• Offer technical training at the work site or in the school 
• Teach personal skills needed for success in the workforce 
• Mentor students 
• Provide awards, incentives 
• Sponsor citizenship programs 
• Fund scholarships 
• Assist with student assemblies/job fairs/projects 
• Donate equipment 
• Display student work 
• Support workshops/conferences 
• Sponsor school clubs 
• Support school safety programs

Participate personally / financially in SPIE sponsored activities including:

•Teacher Career Education Grants
• High School Counselors' Tour of Businesses
• Student and Teacher Internships in Local Businesses
• Occupational Olympics
• School-to-Work Programs in High Schools
• Job Skills Academy
• Career Presenters Network e curriculum.