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Careers In Manufacturing

CIM began in 2004 with Stanislaus Partners in Education (SPIE) coordinating a new program with Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley (MCCV), Alliance WorkNet (AWN), Modesto Junior College (MJC) and Modesto high schools. The goal of the programs is to place qualified graduating high school seniors into career oriented jobs with local manufacturers. The impetus for the program came from manufacturing employers who had been experiencing a lack of qualified job seekers for positions where technology has advanced.

From the start the effort centered on educating students that the manufacturing sector offered jobs that are not dead-end, pay well, provide excellent benefits and are local. Through the use of WorkKeys assessments tests and the placement efforts of AWN, job placements closely match applicant skills and interests. This has resulted in a more enthusiastic and qualified employee for the manufacturers. To enhance the educational process, MCCV member employers are invited into the schools to explain what careers in manufacturing look like and offer. MJC follows-up by offering the technical programs necessary to develop advanced skills.

CIM has blossomed into a successful program with several hundred seniors from high schools in Modesto, Ceres, Turlock, Patterson and Oakdale participating.