SPIE Year in Review

Igniting Career-Connected Learning

Stanislaus Partners in Education (SPIE) develops education and industry relationships that provide a diverse range of career-connected learning activities for both educators and students.

What is Career-Connected Learning? Career-connected learning bridges the gap between academics and industry needs, introducing educators and students to fulfilling pathways that connect passions to career success.


Supporting efforts that prepare students for rewarding careers

Are you an educator who champions career education? Or, are you a business looking to connect with students? SPIE can help!

For Educators

SPIE empowers educators by extending professional development opportunities, delivering support for career education curriculum, and providing valuable tools to boost student career exposure and readiness.

For Business

SPIE is dedicated to addressing local emerging industry needs; bridging the gap between education and employment by connecting forward-thinking employers eager to engage with educators and students and provide career-connected learning opportunities.

SPIE's commitment to organizing and arranging industry tours for educators and students has bridged the gap between our classrooms and the real world. By facilitating teacher externships and fostering connections with community partners, SPIE has brought a wealth of knowledge and resources to our district, enhancing the quality of education we provide.
Rachelle Barkus
Senior Director of Educational Options for Modesto City Schools

How Can SPIE
Help Me?

Career Presenter Directory

SPIE's education partners get exclusive access to our career presenter directory listing local industry experts waiting to share their professional journeys with Stanislaus County students.

Educators in Industry

A transformative program that places K-12 educators directly within local businesses, offering a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and practices in the professional world.

Career Education Grant

Offering grant funding to Stanislaus County K-12 educators who create career-connected learning opportunities for their students.

Business Partnerships

Expose Stanislaus County educators and students to industry-specific skills, professional environments, and current workplace practices, enhancing their readiness for future careers.