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Career Education Grant

SPIE's Career Education Grant offers funding to our Stanislaus County K-12 educational partners who create innovative and impactful programs that promote vocational awareness (grades K-6) and career exploration opportunities (grades 7-12) for their students.

Career Education

Grant Overview

Grant Amount


Application Window

Jul. 1st - Sep. 15th

Career Education Grant Overview

SPIE’s Career Education Grant offers funding opportunities to our Stanislaus County K-12 educational partners who create innovative and impactful programs that promote vocational awareness (grades K-6) and career exploration opportunities (grades 7-12) for their students.

The intention of this award is to help equip young scholars with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to make informed decisions about future potential career pathways. SPIE’s goal is to support proposals that go beyond traditional classroom instruction; incorporating experiential, hands-on, and interactive learning approaches.

Classroom Teachers, Career Navigators, CTE Instructors, School Administrators, Librarians, Guidance Counselors, Coaches & PE Teachers, Fine Arts Instructors, and STEM Teachers are all encouraged to apply.

Grant Amount


Application Window

Jul. 1st - Sep. 15th

This grant was wonderful. It allowed us to bring more dynamic and impactful career assemblies to our school.
Amber Rogers
Keyes Union School District

Grant Outline & Requirements:

Who Can Apply:
Stanislaus County educators and administrators from SPIE's partnering school districts

Qualifying Grades

Application Cycle
July 1, 2024 - September 15, 2024

Grant Amount

  • The deadline for proposal submission is September 15, 2024.
  • Grant winners will be notified by the beginning of October.
  • Grantees are required to review and sign a Commitment Form outlining the terms and conditions of the award.
  • Grant checks will not be issued until this form is completed and submitted to SPIE.
  • Grantees are to ensure that all activities and expenditures funded by the grant align with the career-connected learning program as stated in the grant proposal.
  • Grantees must manage their grant funds responsibly, adhering to the approved budget outlined in the grant proposal.
  • Noncompliance Clause: In the unlikely event the Grantee fails to utilize the grant funding as outlined in their grant proposal or fulfill all the requirements of their grant, SPIE reserves the right to invoke the following noncompliance provisions:
  • ​Grant Fund Repayment: The Grantee shall be liable to repay the grant funds received in their entirety.
  • Suspension of Future Funding: SPIE may suspend any future funding opportunities for the grantee.
  • Reconsideration and Appeal: The Grantee may request reconsideration or appeal of the non-compliance determination. Reconsideration requests must be received no later that two weeks after the first notification from SPIE of noncompliance. The grantor’s decision on the appeal will be final and binding.

Primary School Focus – Career Awareness

Career Awareness education for grades K-6 is an approach that introduces young students to the world of work and helps them develop essential skills, interests, and knowledge related to various careers. While the primary focus during these early years of education is on holistic development and foundational skills, integrating career awareness can be beneficial in fostering curiosity, exploration, and a sense of purpose.

It’s important to note that while career-focused education in grades K-6 can introduce students to different careers, it should not prematurely push them towards making career choices. The primary goal is to inspire curiosity, provide exposure, and cultivate a foundation for lifelong learning and career exploration.

Middle and High School Focus – Exploration of Career Pathways

Exploration of Career Pathways for students in grades 7-12 is crucial as they start considering their future educational and career choices. During this period, career exploration should be more focused and comprehensive, providing students with opportunities to explore different industries, gain practical experience, and make informed decisions.

By providing comprehensive career exploration opportunities and support during grades 7-12, students can gain a deeper understanding of their interests, strengths, and aspirations. This exploration helps them make informed decisions about their educational pathways and prepares them for successful transitions into postsecondary education, career training, or the workforce.


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